The Membership Directory is now accessible online! You are now able to access the web directory by clicking on “My Account” and clicking on “Membership Directory.”

Also, once every three years, the San Mateo County Bar Association takes it upon itself to assemble and produce the Membership Directory and Lawyers’ Guide. It’s a comprehensive listing of all the members of the San Mateo County Bar (judges, lawyers, and associate members), complete with contact information.

Additionally, both the Lawyer to Lawyer Network and the Associate Member Services sections allow members to list themselves by specialty area in a quick reference guide that makes finding everything speedy and simple!

Beyond that, the Bar includes a section complete with the various state, county, and community services frequented by legal professionals in the area. Everything from Bar Association services to County Court and Law Enforcement contact information to the many legal aid services and societies are listed. The Directory also includes the more common and trusted internet resources for all professionals.

The Directory also welcomes advertisers and encourages those wishing to do so to remember that this Directory will be in the hands of over 1,400 members of the San Mateo County Bar Association for the next three years!

The 2022-2025 Edition of the SMCBA Membership Directory and Lawyers’ Guide is the attorney’s best guide to resources and services in San Mateo County! Every Bar member will receive one Directory by mail. New members will receive a complimentary Directory in their new member packets when they join.

The Directory includes an extensive Lawyer-to-Lawyer network listing – a quick reference guide for specialty practice areas; the Associate Members section – an ever-growing section of members who are not attorneys, but whose businesses relate to attorneys and the practice of law; a current list of San Mateo County Superior Court Judges as well as the contact information for the many San Mateo County Court services; and a thorough list of community and state resources.

Order your copy of the 2022-2025 SMCBA Membership Directory and Lawyers’ Guide online today for only $50 by clicking on the image of The Directory. You may also write a check for $50 (each) made payable to “SMCBA” and mail it to SMCBA Membership Directory, 333 Bradford St., Ste. 150, Redwood City, CA 94063.