Monthly Meetings & Events


Annual Meeting

There shall be an annual meeting of the members of the Association at such place in San Mateo County and at such time as shall be fixed by the President.  The Association shall give seven days notice of all meetings described herein.

Regular Meetings

The Board of Directors meet regularly on the third Wednesday of each month at noon unless otherwise announced.
The Executive Team – The President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary have an additional meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at noon to set the Board Agenda. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. The Board will continue to use a software called OnBoard Passageways. All meeting information, agenda, and supplementary documents will be posted on OnBoard before each meeting.

Meeting dates and times will be displayed on the website calendar and in the monthly newsletter the Here-Say. Meeting times and places shall be fixed by the President.

2022 Board Meetings and Events Schedule

General Monthly Calendar of Events