San Mateo County Bar Association (Provider #287) is a Multiple Activity Provider licensed by the State Bar of California.  SMCBA works in conjunction with various organizations in San Mateo County to provide a mirad of Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) courses for its members.  Over 160 hours of  continuing education credits are made available to members each year!

Attorney members of the State Bar of California must take 25 hours of approved MCLE every 3 years.  SMCBA offers MCLE to all its members who are in the legal profession.  These MCLE classes will enhance the member’s professional ability to practice law, and knowledge of law, including the obligations and professional standards as a member of the State Bar of California.

We offer our members exclusive online registration for MCLE events. Also, each January SMCBA holds a 7 hour MCLE event entitled “Funky Credit Day” where members can obtain those hard to find credits, such as, Ethics, Elimination of Bias and Competence Issues.

Check out our calendar for upcoming MCLE events!

SMCBA members can now view and download their MCLE certificates by logging in to their SMCBA profiles.

The State Bar of California

Minimum Continuing Legal Education

Group 1 members with last names beginning with A-G.
Compliance period: 2/1/19 – 1/31/22
Reporting Deadline: 2/1/2022
Group 2 members with last names beginning with H-M.
Compliance period: 2/1/18 – 1/31/21
Reporting Deadline: 2/1/2021
Group 3 members with last names beginning with N-Z.
Compliance period: 2/1/20 – 1/31/23
Reporting Deadline: 2/1/2023

Total hours required every three years: 25 hours

  • Members must fulfill at least one-half of their MCLE requirement with activities approved for “participatory” MCLE credit.
  • Maximum “self-study” hours: 12.5 hours
  • Special Requirements within the total hours required (may be taken as participatory or self-study):
    • Legal Ethics: 4 hours (required)
    • Competence Issues (formerly known as Prevention, Detection and Treatment of Substance Abuse or Mental Illness): 1 hour (required)
    • Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society: 1 hour (required)

Attorneys are responsible for tracking their own hours. The State Bar of California provides a Personal MCLE Log form you can download and use to keep track of your credit hours.

Visit the State Bar of California’s Requirements for credit details, exemptions and modified requirements.

MCLE Tracker

SMCBA now offers a way for you to store all your MCLE certificates in one place! Our new CLE Tracking feature, allows you to upload and store all your MCLE certificates in your SMCBA membership portal, including self-study and non-SMCBA courses.  As usual, all your SMCBA generated MCLE certificates will show up on your portal about one week after the MCLE approved event you attended. Follow these steps to view and upload certificates onto your account.