Fingerprinting Rules for California Attorneys

California Rule of Court Rule 9.9.5 requires all active attorneys licensed in California and multijurisdictional practitioners to be re-fingerprinted by April 30, 2019.

Why is the State Bar requiring all active attorneys to be re-fingerprinted? The State Bar needs to be in compliance with Business & Professions Code 6054. This section requires the State Bar to receive notifications of attorney arrests and convictions from the California Department of Justice. This requirement has existed for the past 30 years. Until last year, the State Bar was out of compliance with this statutory mandate.

The only way for the State Bar to come fully into compliance is to re-fingerprint licensed attorneys.

Attorneys must submit their ATI number on the Proof of Live Scan Submission page on the State Bar website. This shall serve as proof of submission of fingerprints to a Live Scan vendor by April 30, 2019, before the penalty period begins.

The State Bar has created detailed instructions for the following groups:

Please check the frequently asked questions page of the State Bar’s website for more information about this new requirement.